Tribute to Megan by Shaun

A true red head, ran with Livewires from March 2005, running in lots of teams over the years, and an original Crufts dog.  A real character always enjoying a good fight with the water in the bath after racing and planting a soggy wet ball between the legs of any unsuspecting victim.  Achieving Sapphire award in December 2011 - Sadly taken to the bridge far too soon.




Tribute to our lovely Jodie by Anne & Geoff 

Jodie was Geoff’s dog. We got her from a farm -  Ewloe, North Wales in July 1997. She was born on Election Day, 1 May, was cute with a pretty face, had a big white ruff that met up with the white mark on her brow – almost like a badger! Her paws all white, a bit of white on the end of her tail but black besides and rough coated. We couldn’t help but be drawn to her as, from the other pups she took to us straight away, playing with my trainers. We paid a mere £100 for her which over her life span meant an extraordinary value to us of £6.25 per year.

She soon fitted into our household with sister Trixie (aged 2) and they became firm friends playing endlessly on our back lawn. She proved bright and enthusiastic, quickly learning from home or classes she attended. She was coming on leaps and bounds in flyball, agility and obedience, but fate dealt us a blow when at about 6 months of age whilst caravanning in Anglesey, she swallowed some medications belonging to my mother. We had briefly popped out to the shops. Trixie, peeved at being left behind rooted the pill packets out, shredding the cardboard, whilst Jodie ate a lot of the pills. On arriving back seeing the packets & pills strewn around, we rushed both dogs to the vets and it was very clear Jodie was in a sorry state and at death’s door - soon in a coma. Fortunately the vet was eventually able to revive her, she was kept in on a drip overnight and miraculously she was back playing on the beach next morning!! That is how she was and continued to be upto her death – her attitude remained - never give up! She was determined to do things her way, cheeky and independent as far as she could be, even latterly when less fit.

Jodie was in our club from inception, by then 3 yrs old and had learnt flyball at another club before being a stalwart in one of the first Live Wires top team with her sister at first, Geoff racing her. Sadly we lost Trixie early in life when Jodie was only 4. Jodie as she got older still raced but for lower teams, namely Wire Springs until she was 8-9 yrs old.  She was a loving, cheerful and ball-mad dog, doing a bit of agility and always ready for anything! Briefly she featured in a dog display team until she jumped off the top of a 12 foot high fire ramp (unscheduled) at a display at Chester Race Course which meant she was sacked from the team!. All her life we have been on holiday to Guernsey once a year each summer and despite latterly becoming partially deaf and blind, this year enjoyed herself just as much with sisters Gyp and Jenni.

In 2012 the vet, apart from her eyesight thought she was as fit as an 8 yr old dog and health wise since the Anglesey episode she had kept very well, hardly ever ill.  But what a difference a year makes - late last year she had her first fit, then in 6 months 2 or 3 more and this year it gradually took toll on her health in general.  The journey back from Guernsey by sea and land marked her last voyage of any distance with us – she had lately become more distressed when travelling distances than when at home. She did rally round when back in familiar territory but then suddenly had what we believe was a mini stroke which significantly set her back. She partially recovered, able to move about the house, go short car rides, walk on a lead, and to her last day eating really well, but she wasn’t the same dog, finding life a lot more difficult. Also it took a toll on our own wellbeing and we were advised that ‘putting her to sleep’ was the best solution for us all.

At the surgery true to form she rebelled against the ‘needle’ so much so she had to be sedated first! A fighter to the end!  Jodie had a fantastic life with us, for virtually all of her life was a faithful and active dog that both of us and our two other dogs (Gyp & Jenni) will miss.                         

Her mat, where she ate said ‘The boss eats here’ - she was just that, keeping the other two in order. She’ll always have a special place in our hearts, we’ll never ever forget her as long as we live. Bye Jodie, we hope you have a lovely time with sister Trixie on Rainbow Bridge, running free again!                                               

Anne & Geoff




Tribute to Rosie by Heather Eubank

Rosie was our 1st Flyball dog, she ran with Jodie Anne and Geoff's dog in Wire Springs. We got Rosie from Manchester Dogs Home Sept 2000 when she was approximately 6/7 and she went
to rainbow November 2010. She wasn't an easy dog to get along with but she gave us flyball and the dogs we have now. She also got me into behaviour and I ended up runnng a dog club and have my job at the vets all because of Rosie. We will love and remember her forever.





Tribute to CYMREIG SKYE – 1996-2013 – aged 16                    

Owned by George Richardson

George’s Skye passed away peacefully at home in the company of his family (George and his wife, and their other 2 dogs  (Megan &  Kiel) on September 16th 2013.

Skye began life as one of a litter of Border Collie pups,  bred of working dogs on a farm in North Wales. He was purchased for the pricely sum of £50!. The immense amount of enjoyment and companionship I shared with Skye was totally priceless and therefore was the best money I ever spent. I started training him as a pup and he stayed active and fully involved in various canine competitions until, when he was 12 was struck down by Aspergillosis, a condition that affected the nose cavities and meant lengthy severe treatment but Skye, against the odds managed to recover.

Although Skye took part in agility, flyball and *working trials the bulk of his life was competing in working trials, in which he excelled.  The disciplines learnt in working trials are the ultimate test of dog and handler working together as a team, trusting and believing in each other – a true working partnership! Skye was retired from working trials aged 9 having reached the top tier in the sport (TD – Tracking dog) which is the highest he could achieve.

The year previous aged 8, Skye joined Live Wires flyball when they were at Grapprnhall Sports club.. and went with the club to Sutton Fields.  After the rigours of competitiveness of trials work Skye really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of flyball and although he only competed in all for 4 ½ years he managed to take part in several teams such as ‘Wires A-Live’ and ‘Wire Springs’. In that time he managed to gain his Gold award and accumulated over 18,000 points in total. Considering he started flyball later in his life he did exceptionally well.

Skye also had another string to his bow… On one of our walks we were alerted by shouts from two policemen in pursuit of a man along the river bank.. As the man veered to pass us I gave Syke his command and he made a canine arrest by bringing him down and standing over him until the police arrived.

Skye was certainly a one man dog. He wouldn’t let anyone stroke or fuss him and could turn people to statues by fixing them with his stare, his eyes took on a red glaze, people would stand still saying ‘Skye’s staring at me’, but despite this when he we on the trials field or racing in flyball he knew what he was there for and a model competitor. Over the years Skye and I have travelled many miles up and down the country to competitions and no man could have had a better companion.

Farewell my loyal faithful friend

So true and loyal to the end

And then you heard another master’s call

The one we know comes to us all!                                     RIP Cymreg Skye – gone but never forgotten!   George 

* Guide to Working trials: They are one if not the hardest dog sports to achieve awards – it combines all the obedience disciplines, agility (9’ long jump, 3’ clear (high)  jump and a 6’ scale), searching and tracking and a dog has to complete and pass every section to gain each award. There are 4 other awards before Tracking Dog    ie CD – Companion dog, UD - Utility dog, WD - Working dog and Skye had to pass all of them before he took and gained his Tracking dog award.  Skye was an exceptional dog in more ways than one!



Dilly Willy Do It

A Tribute to Dillon – By Jackie

In our lives from 19/07/2004 until sadly leaving for the bridge on 27/05/2015

Dillon was seven weeks old rescued from Leigh dogs home, he was my first flyball, agility dog and my first puppy, previously I always had older rescue dogs.

Dillon came in with his two sisters, but my first look at Dillon and I fell in love with him, our eyes met and we chose each other. He had had colitis and ear mites which took a few months to get rid of with the right medication.

We did obedience, which he gained his Kennel Club Gold Award, we also did some scent work, search squares and directional control. Dillon also did a bit of agility, which he enjoyed and in his first year qualified in ‘The Agility Club Awards’ with the Starters Agility Challenge, I was so proud of my boy.  Then we did flyball and this took over!

Dillon loved his flyball so much, he wasn't in starters for long as he was a natural we went into open and he was a 12” height dog, Dillon he knew his job and nothing would stop him or get in his way, he'd even jump over dogs and ignore if they got in the way. He never ran out.

We were in Crufts 3 times, first in 2011 with Wilmslow and twice with Live Wires.

Dillon gained up to his Pearl award and sadly was only 100 points off getting his Jade award when he retired unfortunately he had lung cancer.

Dillon was given 2/3 months, but he was a fighter, and didn't want to give up.  He gained an extra year. Dillon was a brave little dog, always happy, fun, loving and always wanted to please his mum, he enjoyed his flyball and his flyball friends so much.

Dillon had so much support through his battle with lung cancer and ran a whole year with it, you wouldn’t have even know he had it!  we stopped flyball a month before he passed away. Dillon was happy right up to 3 days before he jumped into the car and fell asleep as Buddy kissed him.

When went on lovely breaks away in Wales, Dillon loved swimming in the sea, chasing the balls on the beach and playing with his brother Buddy (and Snoopy when he was here). He loved his walks and running around on the field, he also enjoyed the snow.  He loved all his cuddles and our special times together.

You couldn't ask for a better dog, Dillon was my loyal best friend and gave me so much enjoyment, we went through so much together, and he helped me go through so much good and the bad stuff.  All I can say is our eyes met and we chose each other Dillon is my Super Trooper, I am so grateful and lucky he chose me.  His Kennel Club name ‘Dilly Willy Do It’ and yes he certainly did it for me.

Thank you my little Dilly, miss you and love you so much, my loyal, faithful,fun, gorgeous soul mate, till we meet again.