An Insight into Setting up a Show

Setting Up the Rings

Marked out Area

The area is measured/marked out to provide positions for the equipment and handlers. This work is normally carried out on the Wednesday before the Show. It takes 2 members about 4 hours to complete the marking out.



The netting which defines the perimeter of the rings is erected and posts to mark out the camping pitches are positioned. These tasks are usually carried out on the Thursday afternoon before the Show. This work takes 5 members about 2 hours to complete.  

Gala Tents

A Gala tent is erected in each ring to protect the 'lights/'gates' and line judge tables. In order to erect these large tents efficiently it is desirable to have a team of 8 people to assemble, position and strap them down.

A third but smaller Gala tent is erected for 'admin'

The team of 8 normally complete this work on the Friday morning before the Show.



Ring Equipment

The equipment is delivered from local storage. It takes the team of 8 about 2 hours on the Friday afternoon to assemble and position the equipment.

The final step is to set up and test the 'lights' This is carried out early on the day of the Show in time to start racing at 0830.  


Job done!!

Photo courtesy of John Blundell

Behind the Scenes