Flyball Training Sessions




Training sessions take place weekly at Sutton Farm, outdoors in summer and winter weather permitting in our purpose built arena.

FROM TIME TO TIME we organise these - especially for present members that have a new puppy.  WE DO NOT DO OBEDIENCE TRAINING OR TEACH THEM TO PLAY WITH A BALL. Consequently, before you come you must have taught your pup to play with a ball i.e. chase it, pick it up and be able to ‘fetch’ it back to you. Also attend obedience classes so that your pup is able to be let off the lead outdoors for short periods and you can get it back to you without any problem.  

Puppies from 4 months of age can attend our foundation training sessions.  We set up special ‘baby’ jumps – closer together - we have a ‘shoot’ rather than the normal box to begin with. The emphasis is on ‘play’ but they are also learning the various words used for proper racing. 

We do not actually race the puppies but they learn all the elements of flyball so when they are 12 months old can confidently begin to join starter’s teams. 

After 6 successive attendances at training classes we suggest recruits join the club which entitles you to race for one of our teams and pay lower weekly training fees.    




Weekly  - Wednesday evenings or Sundays 

Usually a full day from 11.00 am (with a lunch break) 

Parking for training is on the car park to the left of the stables, all dogs must be keep on a lead at all times while on the car park. 

For access on to the field from the car park walk your dog on the lead through the small gate next to the toilet block and cafe.